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In an effort to provide our clients with the best possible real estate experience Think Title has a simple mandate; Superior Customer Service.

What Is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is perhaps one of the most important factors of the Real Estate Transaction. It acts as protection for all involved in the event that something happens prior to the closing, at the closing table or years after the closing occurs. Title Insurance provides the Owner, Lender and Attorney with piece of mind at the conclusion of the Real Estate transaction.

Very similar to Homeowner’s Insurance, Title Insurance is there to protect if the need arises. The purchase of a home is perhaps one of the biggest investments that can be made in a person’s lifetime so it is very important that Title Insurance always be a part of any real estate transaction to protect that interest.

The Title Insurance industry is regulated by The American Land Title Association (ALTA), who provide an overview document which can be downloaded HERE

How We Can Help

As an agent for Stewart Title Guaranty Company, First American Title Insurance Company and WFG National Title Insurance Company, Think Title has tremendous resources at it’s disposal and is the premier customer-oriented and technology- driven title insurance company in North Carolina.

We issue the following types of Residential and Commercial policies:

  • Long Form Owner’s Policy
  • Long Form Mortgage Policy
  • Long Form Commercial Mortgage Policy
  • Short Form Mortgage Policy

The Think Title staff has over fifty years of experience in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Title Insurance industry, from which their attorney partners and business partners benefit from directly.